AUS-NZ Call Center Inbound Sales Skills Assessment


AUS-NZ Call Center Inbound Sales Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

A candidate who successfully completes this test will have demonstrated a well-versed knowledge of call center sales, service, operations, and procedures. Questions are based on situations and issues often encountered in call centre environments. The test contains questions that range from basic to advanced. Hence, it is not advisable to gauge a candidate's skill as "lacking" if they have merely one year of experience in the field and fail to answer the advanced questions correctly. While this test is appropriate for a candidate that has a minimum of one year's experience in the field, it is intended to present questions that are challenging to the seasoned call centre employee as well.

Assessment for Australian Call Centre Outbound Sales Skills is also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Sales
Performance Metrics
Tasks Tested Selling Complementary items
Assisting with Back-Ordered Items
Selling Non-Advertised Specials
Special Sales Programs
Handling Orders for Out-of-Date Merchandise
Listening and Responding to Cues
Asking Follow-Up Questions
Assisting Customers with Product Selection
Maximising Sales Opportunities
Assisting Customers With Back-Ordered Items
Offering Complementary Products
Placing a Customer on 'Hold'
Handling Irate Callers
Placing a Customer on Hold
Completing the Call
Responding to Caller Frustration
Addressing Customers
Handling a Special Request
Handling Requests for Specific Operators
Escalating Service Issues
Answering a Call
Performance Metrics
Defining Service Level
Define the function of Automated Call Distribution
Handling Distractions
Starting on Time
Beginning the Shift
Define IVR
Determine Acceptable Average Talk Times
Handling Work at the End of Your Shift
Handling Peer Interaction
Define 'Average Talk Time'
Determine an Acceptable Abandon Rate
Determine Call Handling Trend