AUS-NZ Call Center Outbound Sales Skills Assessment


AUS-NZ Call Center Outbound Sales Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test for Australian Call Centre Outbound Sales Skills was created to aid in identifying potentially successful outbound sales call centre employees and applicants. The following categories are examples of those types of topical areas addressed within the test; Acceptance of Criticism - ability to use critical feedback to enhance performance, Assertiveness - ability to portray confidence interpersonally, Drive/Motivation - willingness to be productive and to succeed and Versatility - Ability to work on several different tasks at once. IMPORTANT: This test cannot be randomised because questions throughout the test will reference the previous questions data!

Tests for Call Centre Inbound Sales Skills, Call Centre Listening Skills as well as Call Centre Telephone Etiquette are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 52
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Assertiveness
Handling Criticism
Coping with Frustration
Product Knowledge
Tasks Tested Closing the Sale
Maintaining Customer Interest
Maintaining Customer Attention
Being Aggressive
Confidently Handling Tough Customers
Maintaining Control
Converting a Negative Attitude
Portraying a Positive Outlook
Maintaining a Positive Outlook
Redirecting a Negative Attitude
Focusing on the Positive
Displaying a Positive Attitude
Processing Criticism
Rising Above Criticism
Dispensing Criticism
Acknowledging Criticism
Maintaining Poise
Staying Focused
Controlling Emotions
Putting Others at Ease
Converting Frustration Into Satisfaction
Dealing with the Frustration of Others
Motivating Others
Maintaining Motivation
Building Motivation
Motivating Difficult Customers
Seeking Productivity
Accepting Challenges
Identifying the Customer
Processing the Request
Verifying the Order
Listening to the Request
Marketing Skills
Concern for Personal Development
Concern for Assignments
Information Security
Instilling Responsibility
Maintaining Data Integrity
Concern for Productivity
Work Prioritisation
Task Completion
Helping Others
Maintaining Communication
Working with Others
Being Flexible with Others