Borland C++ Builder Assessment


Borland C++ Builder Assessment

Skills Assessment

C++ Builder is a visual Rapid Application Development environment using the C++ programming language. C++ Builder uses a component-based technology to provide ease of use, reusability, and extensibility to the task of creating Microsoft Windows modules and applications while using full C++ programming language with a few well-defined extensions for RAD development. This test measures those skills most important in using, understanding and programming with C++ Builder.

An assessment for C++ Programming is also available.


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Total Questions 50
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Using the Integrated Development Environment
The Visual Component Library
C++ Language
Visual Component Library Classes
Database Programming
ActiveX Programming
Windows Modules
Visual Component Library and Windows Messages
Tasks Tested Handling Events
Form information
Using forms
Event handling specifics
Understanding forms
Form display
Control ownership
Creating projects
Control properties
AnsiString access
Visual Component Library Exception limitations
Visual Component Library Event implementation
Control Parent property
Design time properties and events
Visual Component Library Component hierarchy
Visual Component Library threads
Visual Component Library Property attributes
_fastcall understanding
Visual Component Library data modules
Visual Component Library Exceptions
Visual Component Library General hierarchy
Visual Component Library Inheritance
Visual Component Library Persistence
Getting data from a form
C++ standard library and the Visual Component Library
C++ auto_ptr usage
C++ iterators
C++ IOStreams
C++ While and Do.. While loops
Visual Component Library Graphic access
Visual Component Library Menu types
TScreen purpose
TSession understanding
Data set and data aware controls relationship
Accessing a field's value in a dataset
TDatabase and SQL
ActiveX Components and Interfaces
ActiveX control
Creating an ActiveX server
ActiveX Interface derivation
ActiveX Automation Objects
Self-contained EXE
Static libraries
Dynamic Link Libraries
Single-threading and multi-threading
Callback functions
Visual Component Library TApplication functionality
Handling of messages in the Visual Component Library
Handling messages outside of the Visual Component Library