Budget Aide Skills Assessment


Budget Aide Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

The aim of the Budget Aide Skills test is to assess the skill level of the test taker in traditional Budget Aide responsibilities. This test is geared toward those that have approximately one year of experience assisting a budget coordinator/supervisor. The three main areas covered are Accounting Knowledge (vocabulary use, journal entries, and problem solving), Budget Knowledge (vocabulary use and problem solving), and Excel Spreadsheet Usage (equations).

Assessments for Bookkeeping and Auditing are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Accounting Knowledge
Budget Knowledge
Excel Spreadsheet Knowledge
Tasks Tested Budget Change
Depreciation to a Fixed Asset
Debit to an Asset
Cost of Goods Sold Offset
Net Payroll
Fiscal Year End
Balance Accounts Receivable
Short-Term Liability
Accounts Payable Debit
Liquid Asset
Net Profit
Journal Entries - Check
Journal Entries - Credit
Net Income Depreciation
Balance Budget
Gross Margin Percentage
Productivity Level
Expenses Exceed Net Revenues
Expected Cash Inflow
Rolling Cash Flow
Cash Disbursements
Monthly Expenses
Gross Profits
Forecast Sales
Flexible Budget
Operating Income
Break Even
Activity-Based Budget
Payback Period
Excel Equations - Monthly Payment
Excel Equations - Sales Tax Withholdings
Excel Equations - Number of Items
Excel Equations - Annual Expense
Excel Equations
Macro Function
Monthly Expense