Call Center Consumer Collections Assessment


Call Center Consumer Collections Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test for Call Center Consumer Collections is aimed at determining whether the test taker has the knowledge and skills needed to function in a collections call center environment. Among the topical areas covered are: FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), Bankruptcy, Mathematical skills, Verification of Information and Telephone Etiquette. These questions are based on the seemingly most problematic areas of collections. The areas covered should assist in identifying the most qualified individuals in this field.

Tests for Call Center Environment as well as Call Center Listening Skills are also available.


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Total Questions 42
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested FDCPA
Bankruptcy Knowledge
Mathematical Skills
Verification of Information
Performance Standards
Telephone Etiquette
Collection Techniques
Tasks Tested Specific Knowledge of FDCPA
Knowledge of Time Zones
Knowledge of Payment Disputes
Oversight of FDCPA
General FDCPA Knowledge
Letter Writing
Knowledge of FDCPA
Mini Miranda Knowledge
Knowledge of Who You Can Speak With
Bankruptcy Notices
Bankruptcy Payment Plans
General Bankruptcy Knowledge
Bankruptcy Chapter Types
Correct Bankruptcy Documentation
Mathematical Division
Mathematical Addition
Payment and Late Charge Calculation
Payment Calculation
Total Amount Due
Mathematical Subtraction
Mathematical Multiplication
Multiple Calculations
Multi Function Mathematics
Attention to Detail
Release of Information
Listening Skills
Call Center Techniques
Spelling Skills
Proper Use of Language
Collector Demeanor
Handling Confrontations
Handling Upset Customers
Debtor is in the Military
Handling Lost Mail
General Collections Knowledge
Overcoming Objections
Accounts With No Contact
Negotiation Skills
Deceased Debtor