Call Center Customer Service Scenarios [audio] Assessment


Call Center Customer Service Scenarios [audio] Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Call Center Customer Service Scenario [audio] test aims to assess whether the test taker can determine the most appropriate response to a myriad of basic call center situations. These situations are mainly customer service driven but there are also questions about creating effective call center environments, dealing with company policies, and figuring out departmental hierarchies.

This test is appropriate to administer to those who will be working in a call center with external customers.

A non-audio version of this test is also available: Call Center Customer Service Scenarios.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 20
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Billing Issues
Internal Policies and Co-Worker Interactions
Frustrated Customers
Responding to Customer Needs
Telephone Courtesy
Tasks Tested Customer Address Change
Billing Mistake
Bill Discrepancy
Using Appropriate Form of Payment
Product Recall
Overhearing Misinformation
Stressed Coworker
Returning Used Merchandise
Helping a Frustrated Customer
Assisting a Customer with an Immediate Issue
Customer Unhappy with Delivery Schedule
Damaged Product
Call Transfer Mistake
Displeased Stockholder
Credit Card Security
Unable to Download Software
Product Accessory Information
Customer Asking for Discount
Closing A Call
Greeting the Customer