Call Center Customer Service Survey Assessment


Call Center Customer Service Survey Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test for Call Center Customer Service Survey is designed to measure customer service orientation, knowledge of preferred customer service behaviors, and customer service practices as they pertain to the call center environment.

Most questions have a best and second best answer, scoring 2 and 1 points respectively. The best possible points for this survey is 144, however also provided is a percentage score that is based on points scored.

Tests for Call Center Listening Skills and Call Center Environment are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 72
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Maintaining and Promoting Positive Customer Relationships
Problem Solving
Knowledge of Products and Services
Tasks Tested Being Prompt
Takes Pride
Being Indifferent
Customer Always Right
Taking Advantage
Never Being Too Busy
Willing to be Helpful
Customer Best Interest
Unhappy Customers
Appreciates Customers
Rude Customers
Attention to Detail
Can Do Attitude
Follows Through
Customer Service Mindset
Sensitive to Others
Being Cold to Customers
Not My Job
Customer Run-Around
Best of His/Her Ability
Meets Expectations
Empathizes with Customers
Customer Complaints
Never too Busy
Delivering Service
Likes Customers
Priority of Customers
Eager to Please
Being Caring
Fast Customer Service
Keeping Promises
Solving Problems
Apologizing to Customers
Reacting Defensively
Problems Caused by Others
Getting Rid of Customers
Saving Customer or Sale
Dissatisfied Customers
That's Not Possible
Level of Service
Products Sell Themselves
Knowing Company Products
Being Knowledgeable
Customers on Hold
Not Our Policy
Right the First Time
The Rule Book
What Customers Will Get
Taking Messages
Negative Customers
Using Foul Language
Behaving Like a Robot
Being Courteous
Good Listener
Being Rude
Thanks Customers
Yelling Customers
Returns Calls
Helping Other Employees
Arguing with Customers
Customer Brush-Off