Call Center Math Assessment


Call Center Math Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is suitable for call center operators with at least one year's experience. It is designed to evaluate general math skills often employed in a Call Center setting. It covers the following areas; Service Level, Production, Payroll, Time Zone Conversion, Currency Conversion and Customer Required Information. This assessment may be applicable for Call Center Managers and Call Center Representatives where mathematical calculations are required.<BR><BR>A calculator or scratch paper and pencil may be used if determined by the administrator.<br><br>Tests for Call Center Data Entry and Call Center Basic Spelling are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 30
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Service Level
Customer Required Information
Time Zones
Currency Conversion
Tasks Tested Answer Time Allowed
Assign More Operators
Allocate Work Load
Required Operator Count
Determine Calls Per Operator
Meet Call Time Requirement
Break Time Allowed
Avoid Overtime
Military Time Clock Calculation
Meet Calls Per Day Requirement
Calls Per Hour
Monthly Premiums
Add Shipping Cost
Refund Amount
Calculate Savings
Include Sales Tax
Lower Interest Savings
Calculate Deposit
Bulk Purchase Savings
Determine Savings
International Date Line
Convert Eastern Time to Pacific Time
Convert Mountain Time to Pacific Time
Convert Mountain Standard Time to Central Daylight Time
Convert Pesos to US Dollars
Convert US Dollars to Pesos
Convert US Dollars to Canadian Dollars
Convert UK Pounds to US Dollars