Cascading Style Sheets Assessment


Cascading Style Sheets Assessment

Skills Assessment

Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe the style of document presentations in web development. The Cascading Style Sheets test measures the ability of Web Designers or Web Developers in using CSS to style Web pages. The focus of this assessment is on the development of Web Pages through questions on style rules, elements, shorthand application, meeting specific design requirements, and XHTML. The test is based on real-world examples and is appropriate for experienced CSS developers.

Assessments for HTML 4.0 and DHTML are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Understanding CSS
Selectors and the Cascade
Using CSS to Affect Page Layout
Setting Foreground and Background Properties
Setting Typography
Margins, Padding and Borders
Tasks Tested Grouping Selectors
Creating Semantic XHTML for CSS
Writing a Style Rule - Property
Writing a Style Rule - Declarations
Embedding a Style Sheet
Using an External Style Sheet
Multiple Style Sheets
Pseudo-Selectors and Elements
Inline Styles
Specificity of a Single Element
Understanding Import and the Cascade
Specificity of Selectors
Ordering Link Rules
ID Selectors
Exceptions of Specificity
Writing for the Cascade
Using a Reset for Styles
IE Conditional Comments
Using Floats
Using Ems
Floating Elements
Using the CSS Box Model
Using a Background Image
Repeating Background Images
Color Values
Background Shorthand Properties
Using Color Shorthand Property
Using the Font Shorthand Property
Setting a Typeface for the Entire Site
Using Text-Transform
Styling Text Links
Using Line-Height
Using Margin to Center
Writing Shorthand for Padding
Giving an Image Borders
Adding a Media Type to an Embedded Style Sheet
Adding an External Print Style Sheet
Specificity of Table Cells
Horizontal List Items
Hiding Elements for Print