Cascading Style Sheets 4.0 Assessment


Cascading Style Sheets 4.0 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Cascading Style Sheets 4.0 assessment is designed to verify the test taker's general knowledge of using CSS 4.0 for Web site design. The topics covered on this assessment include concepts, basic syntax, advanced styling, box model styling, and CSS fundamentals. This assessment is appropriate for test takers with a year or more experience with CSS 4.0.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Concepts
Basic Syntax
Advanced Styling
Box Model Styling
Tasks Tested Internal Style Sheets
External Style Sheets
CSS Concepts
Basic Syntax
Style Precedence
Attribute to Define Selector
List Marker
First Letter Capitalization
ID Selector
Multiple Backgrounds
Tag for Internal CSS
Remove Link Underlines
Align Elements Right or Left
List Item Markers
Table with Single Border
Clickable Link Area
Non-transparent Image
Table Text Alignment
Rotate Element
Inline Element
Text in Multi-column Layout
Text Aligned with Same Width
Background-Position Property
Shorthand Property
Display vs. Print
Hidden Element
Grouping Selectors
Horizontal Navigation Bar
Not Accessed Link
Positioning Methods
Box Model and Total Element Size
Content Box Scrollbars
Box Model Order
Space Between Table and Border