CICS/COBOL Assessment


CICS/COBOL Assessment

Skills Assessment

CICS was originally developed to provide transaction processing for IBM mainframes. It controls the interaction between applications and users and allows programmers to develop screen displays without detailed knowledge of the terminals used. It provides terminal routing, password security, transaction logging for error recovery and activity journals for performance analysis. CICS commands are written along with and into the source code of the applications, typically COBOL.

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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Storage Allocation
Testing and Debugging
Input-Output Files
Tasks Tested Initial Execution Requirements
File Updating
Vsam File Status
Releasing VSAM Locks
Attribute Byte
Sending Initial Map
Non-entered Fields
AICA Abend
Obtaining Resource Control
Browse Temporary Storage Queues
Receiving Data from Map
Storage of Entered Data
Temporary Storage
Assembling BMS Map source
AEIV Abend
Static Calls
CECI Command Interpreter
Properties of TDQs
Packing Fields
Unit of Work
Sequence of Commands
Working Storage Volatility
Physical and Logical Map
Proper Storage Area
Translator Output
Program-Transaction Association
Terminating and Rescheduling
Preparing a Name for Display
Type of Called Programs
Rescheduling Transaction
ASRA Abend
Sending Subsequent Maps
Cursor Control
File Definition
Reason for File Definition