Clipper Assessment


Clipper Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is designed to gauge a person's knowledge of the CA-Clipper (hereafter referred to as Clipper) development system. The Clipper language consists of a structured programming language and a collection of standard commands, functions, and objects that allow one to create application programs and systems.

The test covers various commands, functions, data types, and other information required to possess a thorough understanding of the Clipper environment and is appropriate to administer to anyone who needs to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Clipper.

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How does it work?
Total Questions 55
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Knowledge
Database System
Functions and Procedures
Control Structure
Data Types
Database Access
Other APIs
Memo Fields
Error Handling
Network Programming
Tasks Tested dBase commands not supported by Clipper
Using @SAY GET
SET screen commands
Low-level file functions
General SET commands
Reserved function names
Clipper Process Modules
File types
Identifying operators
Create a simple menu
Drawing boxes on the screen
Index files
Database File Definition
Work areas
Database navigation
Field data type
Accessing work areas
Creation of variables
Qualifying variable references
Special variable qualifier
Creation and Initialization
Defining Functions & Procedures
DO CASE control structure
For Looping Structure
Conditional Looping structure
IF control structure
NIL data type
Supported data types
Assignment operator
Flexible and effective indexing of data in a database
Default RDD
RDD terminology
Identify the name of a specific Order
Traversing a database
Specify a replaceable driver
Database functions
Search for a specified key value
RDD Technology
Creating an Order in an Order bag
Identify the current RDD name
Database related arrays
Assigning values to array elements
User interface arrays
Array definition
Code block related arrays
Array declaration
Search an array
Other APIs to enhance Clipper programming
Memo functions
Set the return code
Error transfer of control
Network functions/commands
Opening a database on a network
Exclusive Use Enforcement