Cloud Computing Core Concepts Assessment


Cloud Computing Core Concepts Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Cloud Computing Core Concepts test evaluates the test taker on the practical skills and concepts surrounding the implementation of various cloud computing models. The topics covered include cloud computing basics, virtualization, cloud service and deployment models, cloud security and privacy, and cloud computing standards. This test is appropriate for test takers who have been working with cloud computing for a year or more.


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Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Cloud Service and Deployment Models
Cloud Security and Privacy
Cloud Computing Basics
Cloud Computing Standards
Tasks Tested Cloud Service Model that Runs Software with the Cloud Provider's Resources
Commercial Cloud Deployment Model Available to the General Public
Identify Cloud Service
Cloud Storage Benefit
SaaS Examples
Benefits of SaaS Model
Cloud Deployment Model Shared by Organizations
Deployment Scenario
Cloud Provider Database
Cloud Deployment Practical Knowledge
Cloud Deployment Model for Organization to Use
Cloud Service Model with No Infrastructure Control for Subscriber
Consumer Responsible Security
Strong Authentication
Storage Security
Privacy Concern
Cloud Security Responsibility
Security Benefit of Cloud Computing
Organizational Risk
Key Management
Architecture with Strong Authentication
Technology for a Public Cloud
Cloud Provider Selection
Cloud Computing Benefits
Characteristic of Cloud Computing
Web Service Message Format
Virtualization Security Threats
Basic Virtualization Type
Hardware Virtualization Benefit
Application Monitoring
SSO Standard
Identity Management
Cloud Model for Managing Several Cloud Providers
Lack of Cloud Computing Standards