COM/DCOM Development in Visual Basic Assessment


COM/DCOM Development in Visual Basic Assessment

Skills Assessment

Microsoft's COM/DCOM technology is designed to be platform independent, both in development and use. While a variety of development environments support COM/DCOM, there are significant differences in how each environment handles COM/DCOM object creation. This test is designed to test knowledge of COM/DCOM creation in Visual Basic.

A test for COM.DCOM Development in Delphi is also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General
Tasks Tested MTS Licensing
COM Language Support
DCOM Configuration
MTS Process
DLL Creation
Compiler Syntax Checking
In-Process Server
Transaction Attributes
COM Vendor Support
DCOM Support
Project Name
MTS Hosting
COM Components
Registering Components
MTS Configuration
In-Process Component
Accessing MTS Remotely
Property Definition
Circular Referencing
Instancing Property
ActiveX Document
DLL Instancing
ActiveX Controls
Modifying Components
Type Libraries
Removing COM Components
Single Use Instance
Friend Variables
Friend Components
Deploying Components
Embedding ActiveX Control
Process Instancing
Binary Compatibility
Component Registration
DLL Base Address