Commercial Insurance Knowledge Assessment


Commercial Insurance Knowledge Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Commercial Insurance Knowledge test aims at assessing the knowledge level of the test taker in basic commercial insurance activities. The topical areas covered include, but are not limited to, general liability, all risk property insurance, principles of insurance, workman's compensation, and excess/umbrella liability.

Tests for Math Word Problems and EEOC Compliance are also available.


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Total Questions 45
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Liability
All Risk Property Insurance
General Principals of Insurance
Auto Liability
Workman's Compensation
Excess/Umbrella Liability
Business Interruption Insurance
Inland Marine Insurance
Ocean Marine Insurance
Crime Insurance
Tasks Tested Sublimit
Grocery Store Injury
Contributory Negligence
Time of Loss Event
Insuring Perils
Liability Policy
Property Insurance
Concerns with Renting Temporary Printing Facilities
Determining Responsibility
All Risk Property Insurance
Avoid Co-insurance Penalty
Actual Cash Value of an Item of Property
Building Policy Types
Probability Analysis
Premium Tax on Insurance Risk
Policy Cancellation
Contract Type
Alternative to Legal Action Policy
Punitive Damage
Loss Reserves
Rating Objectives
Nature and Foundation of Insurance
Pursuit of Recovery
Return Premium
Insurable Risk
Exposure Base
Contractual Obligations to First Name Insured
Insurance Broker
Covered Automobiles
Apply Coverage to Vehicle Damage
Examining Mitigation Factors
Risk Retention
Policy Type
Liability Insurance Figure Identification
State Workers' Compensation Laws
Choosing Proper Insurance
Coverage Apart from Workers' Compensation
Umbrella Liability
Insured Suing Insured
Failure to Return to Normal
Inland Marine Insurance
Protection and Indemnity Coverage
Crime Coverage