Core Java Assessment


Core Java Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Core Java test evaluates the test taker on the practical skills needed to work with Java, focusing on core JDK, commonly used libraries, and good software development practices. The topics covered include language and syntax, standard libraries, exceptions, classes, and keywords. This test is appropriate for Java users who need to have a strong understanding of Java fundamentals.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Exceptions
Standard Libraries
Tasks Tested Final Block Execution
Starting an Already Running Thread
Declared Throwables
Try/Catch/Finally Block
Transient Keyword
Final Keyword
Variable Constant
Interface Method
Marker Interface
Replaced Keyword
Package Private Method
Java Logging Utilities
Inner Class
ArrayList Capacity
Reference Types
Object Class Methods
Abstract Classes
Finding Errors
Cloneable Class
Auto Example
Code Snippet of Language Constructs
Java Interfaces
Generics Knowledge
Switch Statement
Language Fundamentals
Concurrent Usage
Supported Java Feature
Enhance vs. Traditional For Loop
AtomicInteger Class
Static Import Declaration
Dynamically Combine Strings
Read-Only List
Collection to Build E Stack
Core Library Knowledge
Swing Layouts
Collection to Store List of Pairs