Crystal Reports 14.1 Assessment


Crystal Reports 14.1 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This assessment is designed to assess the test taker's knowledge and familiarity with using Crystal Reports 14.1. The questions focus on several broad categories: Knowledge/feature, connection/sql, menu/editor/tab, reports, formatting/functions/code, and sorting/grouping. These questions are based on the day-to-day project management work and are appropriate for Crystal Reports 14.1 professionals with at least one year of experience.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 42
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Knowledge/Feature
Tasks Tested Improve Performance
RPTR Format
Crystal Report Explorer
Stored Procedure vs View
BusinessObject Component
Enabling a Trace
Multi Language Support
Drawback of Crystal Reports
Exporting to Excel
Adding Parameters
Configuring ODBC Driver
Commands Best Practices
About Data Window
Connect to Database
Modify SQL Query
Enforce Link
Format of Number Field into text field
About Crystal Reports Explorer
About Special Fields
About Sub Menu
Formula Editor
Format Editor
Database Expert Menu
Report Type
Burst by Email
About Subreports
Contents of .rpt File
Files for Reports
Scope of Variables
Find Last Friday of a Month
Sections in Design Expert
Formatting Time
About Datediff Function
Removing Path from Filename
About Section Option
Grouping go Beyond a Age
Changing Groups Dynamically
Steps in Sorting Records
Parameter Prompt