DB2 v.8 UDB DBA Assessment


DB2 v.8 UDB DBA Assessment

Skills Assessment

The IBM DB2 UDB V8 DBA test poses real world questions in order to assess the skill level of the test take. This test covers all areas and topics required by a database administrator to perform the day-to-day duties associated with their job. The skill set tested includes knowledge of DB2 products, tools, wizards, various DB2 utilities, product installations, upgrades and migrations, configuration of the database in recovery and non-recovery modes, performance tuning, security, and regular database maintenance activities.

The test is intended for those wishing to demonstrate their ability to perform DBA role and responsibilities in UNIX as well as Windows environments.

Tests for DB2 V8 Mainframe DBA and DB2 5.x DBA are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 55
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested DB2 Product Family
Installation and Configuration
Backup and Recovery
Database Maintenance
Performance and SQL
Tasks Tested DB2 Partition Support Product
DB2 Tools
Product Connectivity
Mobile Computing Product
DB2 Add on Components
Bufferpools for Tablespaces
Default Tablespaces
Configuration Parameter
SMS Tablespace Properties
SYSCAT Tablespace
User Temp Tablespace db Partition
Archive Logging
DB2 Instance Upgrade
SMS Tablespace
Bufferpool Size for Partitions in a Partition DB
System Temp Tablespace
Trusted Versus Un-trusted Clients
DB Authority Display
DB2 Authority Level
Table Privileges
Data Migration
Data Export File Type
DB Restore Options
Turning Archive Log Mode
Restore - Authority
Time Zone Base Rollforward Recovery
Data Load
DB Clone
System Tables
Rollforward Recovery
Event Monitors
DB Maintenance Authority
Tablespace Containers
DRDA Data Load
DB2 Logs
Bufferpools List
Bufferpool Block and Page Base Size Ratio
DB2 History File
SQL Views
Bufferpool Start Issue
User Connection
Data Validation with View Definition
I/O Cleaners
Initialize Monitors
Isolation Level
Global Session Temp Tables
Explain Plan Tools
Bufferpool Hit Ratio
Blockpage Based Bufferpool I/O
Explain Plan Interpretation