DreamWeaver Assessment


DreamWeaver Assessment

Skills Assessment

DreamWeaver is a professional visual editor used for creating and managing web pages. This multiple-choice test examines user skills from basic to advanced level and is appropriate to test the skills of anyone applying for a job in web design, web development or graphic arts.

Tests for Netscape Webserver, Web Design Mastery and Web Commerce Security are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 46
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Site Planning and Management
Layers and Frames
Roundtrip HTML
Customizing DreamWeaver
Formatting and Style Sheets
Documents and Templates
Interactivity and Animation
Tasks Tested Check In/Out Files
Perform a Tag Search
Creating Links
Define a Link
Enter Paths
Designating the Home Page
Plan Your Site
Define a Site
Test Your Site
Setting Frame Properties
Create a Nested Layer
How to Use Layers
Add New Layers
Specify Frame Size
Correct Markup
Defining Roundtrip HTML
Set HTML Format Preferences
Use the HTML Inspector
Using Invisible Objects
Insert a Flash Player Movie
Copy Animations
Play Sound Effect
Using Cascading Style Sheets
Aligning Paragraphs
Define Properties for Your Web Page
Formatting Text with HTML Tags
Process Forms
Create a Form
Include Objects in a Form
Add an Object to a Form
Create Template
Create Documents
Use a Tracing Image
Create an Image
Working with Image Maps
Choose Image Format
Create an Image Map
Create a Table
Select Table Elements
Assign Table Attributes
Define Background Sounds
Use the Timeline Inspector
Add Animation