EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Assessment


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Assessment

Skills Assessment

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer transmission of data in structured, standardized formats done without manual human intervention. This examination includes a number of components to evaluate EDI competency, including knowledge of EDI fundamentals, implementation, business practices, communication, and strategies.

This test has been created to assess the general skill and knowledge of an average EDI professional. This test does not include questions regarding specific EDI software applications.


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Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Fundamentals
Business Analysis
Tasks Tested Equivalent Envelope
EDI Definition
Trading Partner Agreement
Signed Envelope Equivalent
ANSI ASC X12 Versions
Hardware Needs
Implementation Conventions
Benefits of EDI
Control Structure
Logically Related Data
Smallest Unit of Information
Transaction Set
EDI Software Needs
EDI Standards
Transactions Received
Understanding HIPAA
EDI Integration
Transactions Sent
Data Elements
Data Transmission
Value-Added Network
Global Trade Item Number
HIPAA Requirements
Chargeback Definition
EDI and Industry
Understanding Transaction Sets
Chargeback Issues
Transaction Sets
Benefits of EDI Implementation
Health Care Industry
Bar Codes