Ethernet Networking Assessment


Ethernet Networking Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Ethernet Networking assessment is focused towards IT Technical Support and Network Administrators with several years of practical experience. Topics include IP Addressing, LAN Hardware, TCP/IP, and Cabling standards. The test covers basic information used in troubleshooting PC computers and IP networks.

Assessments for LAN Hardware and Network Security are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested TCP/IP
Ethernet Knowledge
Cabling Standards
Network Hardware
Windows Networking
Wireless Ethernet
Tasks Tested Subnets
Internet Knowledge
IP Standard
Simultaneous Broadcast
IP Response
Dropped Packet Prevention
Networking Terms
Default Subnet Mask
IPv6 Format
IPv4 Bits
IPv6 Bits
Network Layers
Loopback Address
OSI Model Knowledge
Four Bytes of IP Address
Ethernet Speed
Basic Unit
Multiple IP Addresses
Independent Operation
Wireless Network
Hardware Addresses
Wiring Installation
10BaseT Cabling
Crossover Cables
Comparing Cables
Cable Terminology
Twisted Pair
Cable Layout
Autosensing Hub
Understanding Signal Attenuation
Chaining Port
Hub and Switch
IP Configuration
Backwards Compatibility