HTML 5.0 Assessment


HTML 5.0 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This HTML5 test is designed to access a test taker's abilities and skills with the HTML5 language. The questions focus primarily on the structure of the hypertext mark-up, new HTML5 tags, and semantics. There are also a few questions that briefly deal with CSS2 and CSS3. The topics included on this assessment involve creating HTML5 documents, new aspects of HTML5, style and CSS, and working with forms. This assessment is appropriate for intermediate and advanced HTML5 developers.

Assessments for Cascading Style Sheets also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Creating HTML5 Documents
New and Old in HTML5
HTML5 API Support
Working with Forms
Style and CSS
Tasks Tested Link a Cascading Style Sheet
Add an HTML Tag
Add an ATOM Feed to an HTML5 Document
Set UTF-8 Character Encoding
Offline Manifest File
Publication Date
Footer Section
Summary Tag
Canvas Tag
Center Text within a Container
Article Section
Navigation Section
Header Section
Font Changes within a Container
Canvas Area
Select Proper Audio Mark-up
Date and Time
Audio and Video Codec
Code Evaluation
Embedding Audio for Multiple Browsers
Embed a Video File
Stop Movie from Pre-loading
Input for Date
Datalist Code Evaluation
Preventing Auto-Populate
Hint Text
Behavior of New Form Element
Rendering a Slider
Focus Cursor in a Form Field
Required Input
CSS Generated Columns
True Type Font
CSS Code Evaluation
Rendered Outcome of Code
Text Shadowing