IMS Assessment


IMS Assessment

Skills Assessment

IMS is a mainframe operating system. Among the topical areas addressed within this test are the PCB, Command Code usage, function components and sequence, and definitions. This test is non-version specific and would be appropriate for programmers and/or developers who will be operating within the IMS platform on the job.

Tests for UNIX Programming are also available.


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Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Components
Tasks Tested PCB Placement
DL/I Programming III
Qualified SSA
Database Structure
PCB Status Code Usage II
Path Call Usage
PCB Components Definition
Function Sequence
Hierarchical Definition
DL/I Programming II
Call Components
SSA Syntax
Path Call Definition
HSSR Rules
Multiple PCB Usage
PCB Status Code Usage I
Secondary Indexes
GU Without SSA Results
REPL Components
ISRT Components
Command Code Usage II
Positioning Rules
PCB PROCOPT parameters
DLET Components
PSB/PCB Definition
SSA Minimum
Unqualified SSA
Function Components
Command Code Usage III
DBD Usage
Unqualified Call
Image Copy Definition
Logical Database Definition
GU Definition
GNP Definition
IMS Database Components
Command Code Usage I
PCB Key Feedback Area Definition
DL/I Programming I