Informatica Assessment


Informatica Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test has been designed to evaluate the fundamental understanding and familiarity of the test taker with Informatica at different levels. The assessment covers the fundamentals of Informatica as well as more advanced concepts for Informatica Developers. Subjects include Informatica Tools and Concepts, Mapping and Mapplets, Transformations and their usage, Load Manager, Update Strategy, and performance tuning concepts. The author used Informatica 8.2 when writing this assessment.

Assessments for Data Warehousing Concepts and OLAP Concepts are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Tools, Components, and Concepts
Performance Tuning
Tasks Tested Concurrent Batch
Breakpoints in Debugger
Debugger Process & Strategy
Workflow Tasks
Code Page
Informatica Client Tool
Types of Locks
Command Line
Supported File Types
Mapping Parameter
Adding a Source
Mapping Components
Target Definition
Update Strategy
Filter Transformation Usage
Filter Ports
Expression Transformation
Stored Procedure
Aggregator Transformation Definition
Source Qualifier Transformation
Source Record
Aggregator Transformation Component
Multiple Rows Out of Single Row
Transformation Type
Lookup Transformation Type
Router Transformation Definition
Top/Bottom Values in Series
Filter Transformation Use
Rank Transformation
Data Transformation Manager
Lookup Cache Type
Load Manager
Commit Points