Internet Security Assessment


Internet Security Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Internet Security test covers the following topical areas, Threat/Attacks, Firewalls, Encryption, Intrusion Detection Systems & Security Incidents. This test is appropriate to administer to those who are required to possess Internet security knowledge on the job.

Tests for Web Commerce Security and Apache Webserver are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Threats/Attacks
Cisco Security
Securing Web Servers
NT Security
Intrusion Detection Systems
Security Incidents
Tasks Tested Attack Identification
Intruder Activity
Items to Protect
Types of Threats
Weakness Identification
Need for Firewall
Function of Firewall
Make-up of Firewall
Firewall Identification
Firewall Set-Up
Use of SSL
Encryption Identification
Secure Use of Basic Authentication
Use and Set-up
Reasons for Use
Cisco Access
Port Knowledge
Email Security
Server Configuration
IIS Security
Web Server Log Knowledge
Security Identification
Setting File Security
NT Administrator Account Use
Cracking Knowledge
Log File Identification
Understanding NT Authentication Process
IDS Components
Virus Knowledge
Incident Reporting
Identifying Intrusion
Unix Security Configuration
Understanding a Wheel Group
Port Identification
Unix Log File Identification
Shell Knowledge
Unix File Identification