Java Entry Level Assessment


Java Entry Level Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Java Entry Level test is designed to access a user's basic platform independent knowledge of the Java J2SE 5.0 language. The assessment presents questions that focus on a variety of topics including the Abstract Windows Toolkit, I/O, applets, applications, serialization, strings, and language fundamentals. This assessment is appropriate for recent graduates and beginners with less than a year of experience with Java.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 33
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Language Fundamentals
Abstract Window Toolkit [AWT]
Tasks Tested Classes in Java Language Package
Java Language Package
Serializable Interface
Abstract Method
Access Modifier
Try/Catch Blocks
Source Elements
Switch Expression
Class Used as an Applet and Application
Default Constructor
Application Entry Point
File Class
String Equality
Condition Construct
Shift Operator
Array Size
String Manipulation
String Concatenation
Wrapper Class
Class Method or Variable
Exception Override
Method Overload and Override
Argument Passing
Primitive Range
Source File
Exception Handling
Event Delegation
Panel Default Layout
Frame Default Layout