Java SE 8 Assessment


Java SE 8 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Java SE 8 test is designed to assess the knowledge of test takers concerning the broader principles used when working with Java SE 8. The topics covered include core concepts, application programming interface, concurrency and threads, functional interfaces, Java virtual machine and tools. It is appropriate to administer this assessment to test takers with a year or more experience with Java SE 8.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 56
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Core Concepts
Application Programming Interface (API)
Concurrency & Threads
Functional Interfaces
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) & Tools
Tasks Tested Default Methods Usage
Annotation Declaration
Lambda Syntax
Java Keywords
Marker Interface
Static & Non-static Scope Output
Overriding Default Methods
Variable Scope & Lambda Output
Time Zone Display
Optional Class Members
Runtime Exception Derived Classes
Immutable Class
Code Output 2
Iterator Implementation
Exception Super Class
Equals and HashCode
List of Integers Details
Current Time without the Date
StringBuffer Default Capacity
Null Parameter Passing
Find The Output - DateFormat
String Construction Classes
Base64 Encoder
Reentrant Lock
Creating Threads
Not Thread-Safe
Status Of Callable Tasks
Runnable and Callable Interfaces
Thread Sleep
Multithreading - Read Update
ForEach - Stream
Consumer Interface
Function Interface
Find The Output - Streams and Filter
Method Reference
Predicate Interface
ForEach - Method Reference
Stream - Skip
Stream - All Operations
Find The Output - Parallel Stream
Stream - Reduce
Function Package Interfaces
Javadoc Package
Script Engine Command-Line Tool
Class Loader Hierarchy
Script Engine API Method
Memory Tracking Tool
Bootstrap Class Location
Garbage Collectors
Class File Analyzing Tool
JavaScript to Java Interface
Command-Line Startup Flag
Keytool Utility