JavaScript Assessment


JavaScript Assessment

Skills Assessment

This JavaScript test is designed to access a user's general knowledge of the JavaScript language. The assessment presents questions that focus on a variety of topics including JavaScript fundamentals, the interpretation of code and code output, working with objects and forms, JavaScript syntax, variables, loops, and user interaction. This assessment is appropriate for beginner and intermediate JavaScript programmers with a year or more experience.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Fundamentals
Code Interpretation
Working With Objects/Forms
Interacting With the User
Tasks Tested Adding Comments
Switch Statement
JavaScript Objects and Properties
Debugging/Editing JavaScript
Assigning Values to Variables
Equality Operator
Understanding JavaScript
Informing the Browser
JavaScript Functions
For Loop
Proper Syntax for an External Script
Variable Names
JavaScript Placement
Add a Number and a String
Declaring Variables
Efficient Coding
Changing Properties
Compact Coding
Regular Expressions
Conditions and Loops
Function Calls
Style Object
Assigning Properties to an Object
Window Object
Using Methods to Manipulate Objects
Working with Strings and Integers
Object Hierarchy
Array Access
JavaScript Statement
Document Object
Variables and Conditionals
Page Load Events
Event Handler
Parameters in Functions