JavaServer Faces 2.0 Assessment


JavaServer Faces 2.0 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This JavaServer Faces 2.0 test is designed to assess the knowledge of test takers concerning the use of JSF 2.0 and Web application development. The topics covered include JSF 2.0 knowledge, JSF components, JSF code and syntax, and JSF tags. It is appropriate to administer this assessment to test takers in the information technology field that have a year or more of experience with JSF 2.0.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested JSF Components
JSF 2.0 Knowledge
JSF Tags
JSF Code and Syntax
Tasks Tested OutputLink Tag
JSF Expression Language Categories
Appearance Control
JSF Implicit Objects
JSF Validations
Visible or Invisible Element
Component Label
Stopping User Input
Button or Link
JSF Lifecycle
Closing the Page
Redirect Tag
Supported Validation
Component Family
Component for Caching Facelets
Tab Rendering
JSF View UI Components
Including HTML Content
JSF Conversion
JSF Conditional Text
Partial Update
Map for Forwarding Objects
Flow Scope Retrieval
FacesContext Access
JSF Component Tree
JSF Validation and Conversion
Identifying Severity Messages
Implicit Navigation
Override Default DateTime
Conditional Navigation
Display Validation Message
JSF EL Language
Bean List Entries
Panel Grid and Panel Group Tags
JSF Nested Beans
Age Validation
Custom Validations