Macintosh Technician OS X Assessment


Macintosh Technician OS X Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Macintosh Basics OS X test is designed to measure the test taker's knowledge of the Macintosh environment and the Macintosh operating system. This test measures knowledge of concepts related to using the Macintosh.

Tests for Computer Technician Skills and PC Skills Survey are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Mac OS X: System
Mac OS X: Customization
Mac OS X: Admin
Mac OS X: General
Tasks Tested Set to Restart After Power Failure
Repair Disk Permissions
Update Operating System Software
Turn on Firewall
Start Computer in Target Disk Mode
Password Storage
Locate User Widgets
Define Airport Wireless Networking Tools
Changing the Screen Resolution
Set Window View Options
Enable Smooth Scrolling
Set Active Screen Corner
Flashing Question Mark
Run Daily Weekly Monthly Maintenance
Configure IPv4 to DHCP
Select Volume Format Choices
Reset Original Admin Account Password
Reset PRAM
Repair Permissions From CLIE
Add User Account
Configure PPoE Settings
Reset File Vault Password
Delete User Account
When to use fsck?
Open Firmware Prompt
Create an Archive of a Directory
Enter QuickTime Registration Information
Set the Default Email Client
Have an Application Launch on Start-up
Set Default Web Browser
Find Out More Information About Your Mac
Expand a .sit File
Securely Empty the Trash
Turn on Private Browsing
Share a File With Another User on Same Computer
Block Pop-up Windows in Browser
Create a PDF in OS X
Force Quit an Application