Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 Tutorial Assessment


Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 Tutorial Assessment

Skills Assessment

Microsoft Internet Explorer is an Internet Browser. It is available over the Internet and is also bundled with Microsoft Windows. The Microsoft Internet Explorer tutorial is designed to teach the user the basic commands for using Internet Explorer efficiently. The topics covered include basic functions such as navigating through web pages.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 30
Question Types Simulation
Competencies Tested Navigation
Tasks Tested Open a New Tab
Open a URL
Set Homepage
Open a Link
Downloading Program
Going to Home Page
Duplicate Tab
Close Tab
Save as Webpage
Text Size
Page Set Up
Copying Images
Google Search
Add Search Provider
Using Search Box
Add to Favorites Bar
Creating a Favorites Folder
Organizing Favorites
View Browsing History
Compatibility View
Add a Favorite
Pop-Up Blocker
Delete Browsing History
Clear Temporary Internet Cache
Compatibility View Settings
Pop-Up Blocker Settings