Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 [SMS] Assessment


Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 [SMS] Assessment

Skills Assessment

SMS is used by Windows NT system administrators to manage personal computers on any size network. SMS functionality includes distributing software to desktops from one central location, detecting every machine on the network, tracking software and hardware configurations and sending key information back to a central database. This test covers version 2 and would be appropriate to be given to administrators.

Tests for Microsoft Windows 2000 Data Center Administration, Microsoft Site Server 3.0 and Network Administration are also available.


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Total Questions 51
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Software Distribution
Site Setup
Remote Tools
Site Design
SQL Server
SMS Tools
Status Reporting
Network Monitor
Site Systems
Tasks Tested Program Creation
Distribution Package Utility
Distribution Settings
.VBX File not Registering
Secondary Sites Installation
Supported Clients
SMS 1.2/2.0 Clients Reporting to Same Site
SQL Server Database Setup
Placement of WBEM Provider
Installation Methods
SMS 1.2/2.0 Site Interoperability
Remote Tools Video Acceleration
Administrators Unable to Use Remote Tools
Site-wide Remote Tools Problems
Troubleshooting Remote Control
Additional SMS Administrator Console
Changing Remote Tools Indicators
Windows Networking Client Discovery and Installation
Secondary Server Installation Troubleshooting
Client Installation Troubleshooting
Sizing of Site Database
Primary Site Server vs. Secondary Site Server
Placement of SQL Server
Choosing Primary vs. Secondary Site Server
Database Connectivity
Supported SQL Server Versions
SQL Server Database Maintenance
Choosing SQL Server Version
Server Status Tool
Health Monitor
Setting WBEM Permissions
Purpose of WBEM
Status Summarizers
Status System Security Levels
Status Message Viewer Message Types
Status Filter Rules
Network Monitor Monitors
SNMP Event to Trap Translator
Determining Use of SMS Network Monitor
Purpose of Network Monitor
Network Monitor Experts
Concurrent Sendings
Courier Sender
Identify SMS Senders
Purpose of SMS Senders
NetWare Server Interaction as Site Systems
Distribution Point Setup
Component Server Site System