Microsoft Windows 2000 Data Center Administration Assessment


Microsoft Windows 2000 Data Center Administration Assessment

Skills Assessment

Windows Data Center is the Windows 2000 operating system with added features to accommodate hi-traffic computer systems such as data warehousing, online transaction processing and scientific simulations. Since the test is focused on Windows 2000 Data Center Administration, questions are geared to distinguish whether the test taker knows specifically what sets Data Center apart from the Windows 2000 operating system.

Tests for Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft 98 are also available.


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Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Features
Directory Services
File and Print Services
Security Management
Security Services
Management Services
Tasks Tested Terminology
Job Objects
System Capacity
Active Directory Backup
Active Directory Servers
Domain Controller Master Roles
Global Catalogs
Useful Life of Active Directory Backup
Active Directory Replication
Active Directory Database
Log file Management and Size
Active Directory Backup and Restoration
Use of the Cluster Service
Adding Drivers
Creating a Spooler Resource
File Share Parameters
Adding Printers
File Shares
Security and Access Control
Monitoring Security-Related Events
Active Directory Structure
Public Key Use in Windows 2000
Access Control
Kerberos Authentication Protocol
Domain Level Policies
Windows 2000 Security Model
Public Key Infrastructure
User Profile Structure
Process Execution Rules
Processes Control
User Profile Folders
Application Management
User Data and Settings Management
User Profile Types
Critical System Services
User Profiles