Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation Assessment


Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation test was created to access the skill level of the test taker in the myriad of topical areas indigenous to the installation of Windows 2000 in the workplace. Topics covered include upgrading previous Windows versions, Windows networking, knowledge of component services, setting backup options, networking resources, user accounts and system administration.

Tests for Microsoft Windows 2000 Administration, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation and Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Skills are also available.


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Total Questions 45
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Basic Installation
Component Services
Workstation Resources
User Accounts
System Administration
File Management
Internet/Intranet Connections
Tasks Tested Performing a New Install of Windows 2000
Upgrading Previous Windows Versions
Identifying Network Client
Modifying Identification Settings
Managing Network Services
Managing Protocols
Installing Virtual Private Networking
Setting Properties of Network Adapters
Identifying Common Network Protocols
Working with the Distributed Transaction Coordinator
COM+ Application
Installing Pages for a Manufacturer
Setting Backup Options
Viewing Event Logs
Understanding the NTFS File System
Setting Up Printer Pools
Using Domain Controllers
Setting Video and Sound Options
Customizing Setup
Understanding Security Issues
Configuring Mouse Functions
Understanding Fonts in Windows 2000 Professional
Managing Hardware Profiles
Resolve FQDN Names Locally
Setting Permissions and Rights
Using the NT File System
Troubleshooting Routing and Connection Problems
Using Event Viewer
Configuring and Managing Offline Files
Managing User Accounts and Groups
Creating Local Accounts
Working with Active Directory
Configuring Media Libraries
Compressing Volumes
Setting and Maintaining Registry Security
Understanding the Domain Name System
Managing Address Assignment
Configuring Internet Connection Sharing
Importing and Exporting Certificates
Using New Features and Functions
Understanding the Start Menu
Using File System Services and Features
Understanding Features and Functions
Using Administration and Management Tools