Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation Assessment


Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation test covers topics particular to the procedures that should be followed when installing a Windows 2000 server. The test focuses on the initial installation, domain configurations, configuring dynamic storage, active directory protocols, print services, and troubleshooting. This test would be appropriate to be given to anyone responsible for installing a Windows 2000 server.

Tests for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation and Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Skill are also available.


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Total Questions 48
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Installation
Directory Services
Domain Structure
Active Directory
Hardware Configurations
Domain Configuration
Domain Controllers
Windows 2000 Installation
Account Management
Storage Configurations
Device Configurations
NTFS Features
Distributed File System
Windows 2000 Replication
Windows 2000 Services
Network Protocols
Remote Access
Windows 2000 Security
Windows 2000 Performance
Windows 2000 Remote Administration
Tasks Tested Initial Installation
Determine knowledge of Directory structure
Active Directory Installation
Domain Configuration
Determine knowledge of Windows 2000 Domain Structures
Active Directory Services
Installing Active Directory
Active Directory Configuration
Active Directory Protocols
Configure NTFS Partitions
Installing Windows 2000 Server on a non NTFS Partition
Configuring Preferred Licensing Scheme
Moving Servers between Domains
Upgrade Windows NT Domain Controllers
Configuring 3rd party devices
Determine Account Management Tools
Configure and administer multiple storage types
Configure Dynamic Storage
Determine Faulty Devices
Define NTFS knowledge
Setup Distribute File System
File Replication Services
Configure Group Policies
Configure Remote Group Policies
Configure Computer/User Policies
Configure User Policies
Setting up a Print Pool
Print Services through IIS
Print Services
IP Configuration
Describe the primary Network Protocols
RAS Services
RAS Features
New RAS Components
Public Key Infrastructure
Auditing Services
Certificate Services
Troubleshooting simple performance issues
Troubleshooting performance issues
Installing an Configuring Telnet Services