Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Skills Assessment


Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

Microsoft Windows 2000 has four versions; Professional, Server, Advanced Server and Data Center Server. Questions on the Professional version have not been included as it is a replacement to NT Workstation. This test focuses on technical skills involving knowledge and use of the server versions as well as a range of topics related to the technical and troubleshooting end of Windows 2000. This test covers several different topical areas, but focuses primarily on security, usability, planning and deployment, Windows 2000 features, and systems knowledge. This assessment is appropriate to administer to those with one year or more of technical experience working with Microsoft Windows 2000.

Tests for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation are also available.


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Total Questions 30
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Planning and Deployment
Windows 2000 Features
Systems Knowledge
Tasks Tested BIOS Compatibility and Windows 2000
Network Internet Connection
Active Directory Deployment Basics
Active Directory Administrative and Data Ownership
Pre-installation Procedures
System Management and Troubleshooting
File and Disk Features
Windows DNA 2000
Directory Services Feature
Communications and Networking Features
Web Site Servers
Web Security Protocols
Access Control
Public Key Infrastructure
Active Directory Structure
Performing Security Installations
Administrator Access Control
Performing Searches
Shutting Down
Delete Function
Data Management
Safe Mode Boot
Configuring Windows 2000 Server for Internet Access, Hardware
Dynamic Disks
Emergency Repair Disk
Driver Signatures
OS Decay
E-mail Protocol
RAM Requirements
Novell Netware Compatibility With Windows 2000