Microsoft Win 2003 Server Installation Procedures Assessment


Microsoft Win 2003 Server Installation Procedures Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Microsoft Win 2003 Server Installation Procedures test aims at identifying those who possess the necessary technical skills to install and configure a standard Microsoft Windows 2003 server. Topical areas include installation, configuring resources and services, configuring hardware and drives, implementing disk management, configuring network security and connectivity, and troubleshooting and recovery.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 59
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Installation
Configuring Resources & Services
Configuring Hardware & Drivers
Implementing Disk Management
Configuring Network Connectivity
Troubleshooting and Recovery
Tasks Tested Valid Licensing Mode
Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List
File Systems
Physical Memory System Requirements
Free Disk Space System Requirements
Installing Windows 2003 Server from within Windows NT 4.0 Server
Boot Device
Hardware Compatibility Check
Intel Processor Speed System Requirements
Installing Windows on Multiple Servers
Product Activation
Line Printer Daemon
Remote Administration
Printer Pool
Macintosh File Services
Shadow Copies
Remote Installation Services (RIS)
Last Known Good Boot Option
Safe Mode
Configuring Device Drivers
Device Manager
Returning to Previous Hardware Profile
Restoring the Original Driver
Driver Signing Option
Fixing a Display Driver
Fault Tolerance
Primary Partitions
Extended Partitions
Volume Management
Basic Disks vs. Dynamic Disks
Working with TCP/IP
Managing Server Names
Configuring Network Components
WINS Service
Multihomed Server
Automated System Recovery (ASR)
Using a Boot Disk
Using the Recovery Console
Recovering a System