Microsoft Windows XP Technical Skills Assessment


Microsoft Windows XP Technical Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Microsoft XP Technical Skills test is appropriate to administer to those who intend to work with Microsoft Windows XP as a high-level technician and those who intend to troubleshoot Microsoft Windows XP at an advanced administrative level. Topics covered by this assessment include but are not limited to data safety, Windows XP Configuration, Internet and network issues, installation and setup, and general troubleshooting.

Tests for Microsoft Windows XP Server Installation Procedures and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation Procedures are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Windows XP Internet/Network
Installation and Setup
Data Safety
Windows XP Configuration
Tasks Tested VPN
VPN Configuration
Internet Connection Through a Firewall
Internet and Email
Corporate Networks
Print Spooler
Remote Assistance
System Startup
System Event Log
Repair Command
Device Drivers
Disk Defragmenter
Boot Failures
XP Installation
Hardware Installation
Converting File System
Text-to-Speech Translations
Mouse Settings
Standard Root Keys
Setting the Date and Time
Multiple Networks
Intrusion Detection
Manual Restore Point
File System Security
Hibernation Mode
Basic Desktop Settings
Scheduled Intervals
Administrative Tool
Backup Settings
CHKDSK Parameters
Registry Sub-Tree
Associations and Properties
SET Command
Gathering the Information After a Memory Dump