Network Administration Assessment


Network Administration Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Network Administrator test is designed to assess the knowledge of test takers in working with networks. The topics covered by this assessment include network components, IP addressing, network topologies and the OSI model, network protocols, network monitoring and diagnostics, and networking concepts. The test is designed for Network Administrators with a year or more of experience.


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Total Questions 43
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Network Components
IP Addressing
Network Topologies and OSI Model
Network Protocols
Networking Concepts
Advanced Networking Concepts
Network Monitoring and Diagnostic
Tasks Tested Route Traffic
Network Device to Restrict Internet Access
Secure Wireless Protocol
Understanding Network Components
Layer 3 Switch
Subnets and Hosts
Classless Internet Domain Routing
32-Bit Number
Dynamic vs. Static IPs
Identify Private IP Address Ranges
Broadcast IP Address
IPV6 Bits
Network Switch OSI Layer
Dynamic vs. Static Routing
Physical Network Topologies
Logical Network Topology
OSI Network Model Non-layer
Internet Protocol for Reliability
Application Layer Protocol
Internet Protocol with Speed Over Reliability
Protocol to Send Email
FTP Port
Insecure Transfer
Domain Information
Network Segmentation
Server Farm Distribution
Address Resolution Protocol
Point-to-Point Connection
Creating a Route for Messages
Name Resolution
Voice Over IP
Protocol to Manage Network Devices
Network Diagnostic Tool
Network Host Running