Novell Directory Services Assessment


Novell Directory Services Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is designed to evaluate an individual's knowledge of Novell Directory Services. A broad knowledge base of the NetWare network operating system is assumed as well as a familiarity with Microsoft NT, Linux and Sun Solaris.

Areas covered in the test include design, installation, administration, integration with other network operating systems, maintenance and troubleshooting.


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Total Questions 44
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Installation
Maintenance / Troubleshooting
Tasks Tested Installing Novell Directory Services
Loading Novell Directory Services
Remote Access to a NetWare Server
Server Parameters
Administering Novell Directory Services
Giving Users Access to Resources
GUI Administration / Server Console
Assigning Rights
Novell Directory Services Object Naming Convention
Set File Access Rights
Access Rights at the Root of the Tree
User Administration
Provide Access to Network Resources via Novell Directory Services.
Stop Novell Directory Services in a UNIX Environment
Object Creation Utilities
Placement of Replicas
Time Synchronization
Fault-tolerant Novell Directory Services Design
Identifying Servers that get Replicas
Designing a Multi-site Tree
Define Novell Directory Services Terms
Identifying Novell Directory Services Errors
Identify Time Synchronization Errors
Novell Directory Services Troubleshooting Utilities
Troubleshooting Steps
Moving the Master Replica
Identify Switches for use with DSREPAIR
Backup the Novell Directory Services Database
Ensure Novell Directory Services Replicas Can Synchronize
Multiple Versions of NetWare / Novell Directory Services
Verify that Novell Directory Service is Running on a UNIX Server
Synchronizing Passwords Between NDS and an NT Domain
Integrate Solaris and Linux into Novell Directory Services
Installing Novell Directory Services on a Sun Solaris Server
Identify the Modules Required to Manage an NDS Object from a GUI Client
NetWare for NT
Identify the Port Novell Uses by Default for Web Management
Identify a Time Sync Methodology
Finding Novell Directory Services Versions on a Network