Object PAL 5.0 Assessment


Object PAL 5.0 Assessment

Skills Assessment

PAL stands for Paradox Application Language. Object PAL is the programming languages associated with Paradox for Windows. Like other database tests, this examines the most technical areas of Paradox for Windows. Therefore, this test is not an appropriate assessment of a user's ability to work with Paradox for Windows. This test should be administered to developers.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 50
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Variables
Understanding Objects
Handling Events
Data Types
Keywords and Commands
Understanding Events
Tasks Tested Typing Variables
Content of Variables
Object Variables
Declaring Variables
Tab Stop Property
Form/TCursor Interaction
Size Limitations
Prototype Objects
Valid Object Names
Multipage Forms
Designing Reports
Working with Data Model
Dialog Box Properties
Default Behavior Handling
Event Bubbling
Key Press Responses
Action Events
Reading From ASCII Files
Creating Menus
Literals in Strings
TCursor Properties
Array Substitutes
Table Locking
Commenting Code
Validation of Data
Attaching Code to Buttons
Built-In Dialog Boxes
Calling Custom Methods
Secondary Indexes
Run-time Creation
Property Notation
Handling Lists
Table Linking
Procedure Notation
Immediate If
TCursors and Indexes
Validating Unbound Fields
Terminating Structures
Terminating Code
Finding Records
Executing Queries
Query Variables
Responding to Errors