Oracle 10g DBA Assessment


Oracle 10g DBA Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Oracle 10g DBA test aims at assessing the skill level of the test taker in several areas often encountered on the job. Topics include SQL and PL/SQL, Administration, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Security, and Oracle Net configuration. This test is appropriate to administer to Oracle DBAs.

Assessments for Oracle 9i DBA and Oracle 8 DBA are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 45
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Administration
Performance Monitoring/Tuning
Backup and Recovery
Oracle Net
Tasks Tested Terminate Session
OEM Architecture
Default 10G Feature
Automatic Storage Management
Create Control File
Automatic Segment Management
Alert Log
System Tablespace
Archive Log Mode
Shutdown Instance
Startup Database
Start Enterprise Manager
SQL Tuning Advisor
Analyze Table
Obsolete Features
Dynamic Performance Views
Automatic Workload Repository
SQL Access Advisor
VPD function
OS Authentication
SQL Subsets
Listener Commands
Database Auditing
Virtual Private Database
User Security
Package Compile
Tablespace Objects
RMAN Features
RMAN Backup Types
RMAN and Tempfiles
RMAN Backup
Write Archive
Recovery Catalog
Oracle Data Pump
Transportable Tablespaces
Oracle Scheduler
Net Protocols
Dynamic Registration
Naming Methods
Local Connection
Stopped Listener
Net Configuration