Oracle 10g for Developers Assessment


Oracle 10g for Developers Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Oracle 10g for Developers test covers creation and management of database schema objects, as well as retrieving data, inserting new data, modifying existing data, and deleting existing data from the database.  In addition to basic SELECT statements, the questions in this test will examine the knowledge of developers in the area of functions, aggregates, joins, tables, indexes, views, constraints, and cover the new features that are specific to the Oracle 10g database.

Assessments for Oracle 10g DBA and Oracle 9i for Developers are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 55
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Functions
Basic Select Statement
Creating Constraints
Creating Tables
Creating Indexes
Managing Users and Object Access
Tasks Tested Function Definition
Updating Table Rows
Evaluating Functions
SQL Command
Using the Analyze Command
Usage of SQL Function
Function Usage
Character Function
Returning a Numeric Value
Truncated Values
Sorting Results
Locating an Error
Select Privileges for Tables
Type of Joins
Evaluating a Command
Evaluating Code
Null Comparision
Expression Precedence
Evaluating SQL Code
Fixing Mistakes
Evaluating Code for Errors
Constraint Restrictions
Creating Constraints
Foreign Key Constraint
Constraint Integrity
Data Purge
Retrieving Dropped Tables
NVL Function Usage
B-Tree Indexes
Choosing Indexes
Creating Indexes on Columns
Determining Code Output
Invoking Stored Functions
Cursor Types
Functions Versus Procedures
PL/SQL Packages
Changing Code
Overloading Constructs Within a Package