Oracle 11i DBA Assessment


Oracle 11i DBA Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Oracle 11i DBA assessment covers the knowledge a DBA must possess for day-to-day database administration. This test covers a wide range of topics including database management, Oracle Applications, users, installation, and Oracle DBA concepts. This test is appropriate for experienced Oracle 11i DBAs with over two years of experience.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Installation
Database Management
Oracle Applications
Oracle DBA Concepts
Tasks Tested Statistics Gathering
Registered Username
Granularity of Statistics
Rapid Install
User Auditing
Audit Groups
Database Shutdown
Forms Server
Database Technology Stack Ownership
Create Installer Inventory Location
Password Validation
Base Schema - Access to E-Business Suite
Character Set
Character Set for Language Support
Gathering Database Statistics
AutoPatch Actions
Resource Consumer Groups
AD Executable Backup
Security Hierarchy
Schema Passwords
Recompile Objects with AD Administration
Database for Concurrent Programs
Required Technology Stack Components
Optimizer Mode Value
Block Size Requirement
Recommended Initialization Parameters
Base Schema Installed Objects
Application Processes
Password Changing Utility
AutoPatch - Database Portion
User Profiles - Hierarchy Type
Query Objects in the SGA Shared Pool
Disk Space Requirements
Pinning Objects