Oracle 12c for Developers Assessment


Oracle 12c for Developers Assessment

Skills Assessment

This ORACLE 12C FOR DEVELOPERS test is created to assess the test taker's knowledge and understanding of ORACLE 12C. The questions focus on different categories based on Oracle 12C Developer test taker's profile on working with basic syntax and fundamentals, data types,schemas, PL/SQL, memory management, DML & transaction, triggers, and oracle application development. These questions are based on the basic concepts and programming and are appropriate for Oracle 12C developer.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 50
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Database Concept
Schema Management
DML Statement & Transaction
Stored Program & Package
Oracle Application Management
Oracle Database Management
Tasks Tested Oracle Header File Concept
Oracle View
DBMS Package
Oracle Database Segment Concept
Database Tablespace Concept
Oracle Shared Memory Concept
Oracle BLOB Concept
Database Trigger Type Concept
Oracle Table Type Concept
Oracle table Type Concept
SQL Injection Concept
SYNONYM and ALIAS Concepts
Oracle Table Constraints
Oracle View Concept
Schema and Tablespace
SQL Indexing Concept
Data Definition Language Concept
Oracle Basic Structure Concept
SQL column grouping concept
Understanding DML
Oracle Explicit Transaction Concept
Oracle Transaction Isolation Concept
Rollback and Savepoint
PL/SQL Exceptional Handling
Translate and Replace
Delete and Truncate
PL/SQL Collection Concept
Nested Loop Join
DML Concept
IN and OUT Parameters
SQL Subroutine Parameter Concept
Stored Procedure & Trigger Concept
PL/SQL Data Type Concept
Cursor Application Concept
Oracle Transaction Concept
SQL Loader Concept
PL/SQL Record Type Concept
Oracle Subprogram Concept
Trigger Syntax
Boyce-Codd Normal Form
Oracle Exceptional Handling
cardinality & selectivity Concept
Oracle Installation Concept
Oracle Database Constraints