Oracle 9i for Developers Assessment


Oracle 9i for Developers Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Oracle 9i test for application developers is intended to assess the knowledge base of those working and/or intending to work as a developer with the Oracle 9i database. The topical areas included are PL/SQL Control Structures, optimizing performance, object and RDBMS extension in Oracle 9i, using code units and the specific features of Oracle 9i, among others. This test is not appropriate for database administrators or users of Oracle 9i.

Tests Oracle 8 for Developers, Oracle 8 for Database Administrators, and Oracle 8.i are also available.


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Total Questions 54
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Oracle 9i-Specific Features
PL/SQL Control Structures
PL/SQL Comments
Dynamic SQL
Optimizing Performance using Oracle 9i
The OBJECT RDBMS Extension in Oracle 9i
Writing SQL in PL/SQL
Exception Handling in Oracle 8i and Higher
Collections in Oracle 8i and Higher
Oracle 9i Using Code Units
Tasks Tested PL/SQL Programming in Oracle 9i
If-Then-Else Control Structure
Case-End Control Structure
Loop Control Structure
Documenting Code
Writing Code for Runtime Compilation
Bulk Binding
Using Objects in Oracle 8i and Higher
Using Cursors
Using Pseudocolumns
Controlling Transactions
Handling Exceptions
Using Collections