Oracle Applications DBA Assessment


Oracle Applications DBA Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test consists of questions ranging from basic to advanced level intended to examine the knowledge of the test taker in database administration concepts and the DBA Management Pack. The test is appropriate to administer to those applying for a job as an administrator of Oracle databases who will be using DBA Management Pack.

Tests for Oracle 9.i for Developers and Oracle 8 DBA are also available.


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Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Database Management
Instance Management
Schema Management
Security Management
User Sessions
Database Resource Management
Object Management
Data Management
User Management
Profile Management
Storage Management
AdHoc Queries
SQL Management
Tasks Tested Connecting
Identify Basic DBA Tasks
Adding Databases
Using Preferred Credentials
Connecting to an OMS
Use DBA Studio
Connecting Stand-Alone
Understanding Tools
Synchronize Services in DBA Studio
Identify Instance Management Tasks
Identify Instances
Understanding Instances
Manage Instance Parameters
Identify Parameters
Identify Instance Status
View Object Data
Identify Schemas
Administer Schema Objects
Identify Security Functions
Monitor User Sessions
Manage CPU Resources
Analyze Objects
Create Objects
Move Data
Use the Create Like Feature
Manage Privileges and Roles
Assign System Privileges
Manage Database Resources
Manage kernel Profiles
Manage Redo Logs and Rollback Segments
Using the Control File
Manage Database Space
Manage Rollback Segments
Manage Tempfiles
Scheduling Backups
Manage Tablespaces
Perform Adhoc Queries
View the SQL History