Pascal Assessment


Pascal Assessment

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A programming language designed for simplicity and for teaching programming, Pascal emphasizes structured programming constructs, data structures and strong typing. Innovations included enumeration types, subranges, sets, variant records and the case statement. Pascal has been extremely influential in programming language design and has a great number of variants and descendants. This test is appropriate to be given to programmers.

Tests for Visual Basic 6.0, UNIX Programming and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) are also available.


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Total Questions 44
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Application Techniques
Practical Programming
Language Fundamentals
Language Techniques
Scope and Debugging
Tasks Tested Logic and Year 2000
Heap Storage
Coding Specifics
Random Function
Standard Techniques
Language Fundamentals
Source code construction
Good Programming Practices
Non-supported Data Types
Parameter Values
Variant Records
Associated Languages
Looping Construct
Power Function
Modularity and Design
Declared Data Limits
Range Checking
Input, Output Clause
Inverse Function of Succ
Ord Function
Debugging, Design/Implementation
Case Selectors
For Loop
Integer Display Format
Convert Integer Value to Real
Real Display Format
Pascal I/O
Convert Real Value to Integer
Real Data Variables
Real Data Types
Even Integers
Integer Values
Iterative Algorithms
Analysis of code, Logic
Boolean Logic
Pascal Expressions