PeopleSoft 8 DBA Assessment


PeopleSoft 8 DBA Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is intended to evaluate PeopleSoft 8 Database Administrators. Since PeopleSoft can reside on many databases, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and others, this test is geared towards application issues rather than questions focusing on database-specific issues.

Among the topical areas included are PeopleSoft 8 Architecture, PeopleSoft 8 Application Server, PeopleSoft 8 PeopleTools, upgrades, patches and fixes.

This test is appropriate to administer to people who have worked as a PeopleSoft DBA for at least one year.

Tests are also available for Oracle 9i DBA and Db2 5.x DBA.


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Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested PeopleSoft 8 Architecture
PeopleSoft 8 Web Server
PeopleSoft 8 Database Server
PeopleSoft 8 Application Server
Tasks Tested Acronym - PIA
Logging into PeopleSoft's 2-tier Environment
The Three Serves in the 3-tier Environment
Installing Server Components
Logging on to PeopleSoft's 3-tier Environment
Starting the PIA Environment
Stopping the PIA Environment
PeopleSoft 8 Web Server Setup and Configuration - Changing Options
Starting WebLogic for the Command Prompt
Naming Convention for PeopleTools Tables
Naming Convention for PeopleSoft Applications Data Tables
Default Owner of PeopleSoft Application and Data Tables
Identifying Where to Locate Record Fields on the Database Level
PeopleSoft 8 Database Server Configuration - Categorization of Tables
Clearing the Cache
Shutting Down Individual Services
File Containing the Settings for Domains
Utilities Used to Create and Configure Application Server Domains
Prefacing Editing and Administering PeopleSoft Application Server Domains
The Process Scheduler
Starting or Stopping the Application Server for a Domain
Identifying Differences Between Two Systems
Monitoring Jobs
Copying Project from One System to Another
Understanding PeopleSoft 8 Security IDs
Identify the Different Type of Upgrades
Locating Patches and Fixes
Understanding Where to Enable Tracing - Process Scheduler
Identifying Data Mover Commands
Reports - Finding Inconsistencies Between Data Structures and Database
Knowing Where to Find Supporting Documentation
Reports - Identifying Orphaned PeopleSoft Definitions
Installing PeopleSoft Client
Knowing What Table Holds the Application Release Information
REN Server
Understanding Where to Enable Tracing - Application Server
Understanding Where to Enable Tracing - Configuration Manager
Loading Data
Connecting 2-Tier