Peoplesoft 9 DBA Assessment


Peoplesoft 9 DBA Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test consists of a wide variety of questions that relate to the Oracle database administration for PeopleSoft 9 applications. The questions cover topics such as PeopleTools architecture, PeopleTools tables and the corresponding Oracle database tables, performance monitoring and tuning, DDL statements, PeopleSoft dictionary and Oracle database catalog views, etc.

This question set is well suited to test candidates who are experienced with administering PeopleSoft 9 applications on 9i or 10g Oracle databases.


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Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Database
PeopleTools Tables
PeopleSoft DDL
Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Attributes and Indexes
Tasks Tested PeopleTools Table
Import Utility for PeopleSoft Objects
Two-Tier Connections
PeopleSoft Schema Referenced Tables
PeopleSoft Accounts
Table Types
Database Table Not Found
Database Connectivity
PeopleSoft Schemas
Database Schemas
Database Roles
Application Development Steps
Matching Tables with Dictionary Views
Record Definition Details
Corresponding Views
Data Dictionary Discrepancies
Null Columns
Referenced Tablespaces
Database Structures
PeopleSoft DDL
Query Statistics
SQL Trace File Location
PeopleSoft Ping
Database Metrics
Optimizer Hints
Process Scheduler
SQL Trace
Search Attributes
Search Records
Keys and Indexes